About CrossFit Palestine

CrossFit Palestine was formed out of a search for the ultimate fitness program. After trying and encouraging others to try many different diets, work-out regimens (including distance running), and attempts at lifestyle changes without success, we realized there must be more out there. Our search ended at CrossFit, a program ‘designed to improve fitness and health’ across ones lifetime.  CrossFit workouts ‘are based on functional movements’ (movements in everyday life) which are reflected in  basic aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing, and more. CrossFit helps train your muscles in order to preform these everyday activities safely and efficiently.  We recommend athletes (yup, that’s what we call our members) attend 4-5 classes per week. Each class will consist of a warm-up, skill or technique work followed by the WOD (work out of the day)  with a constantly changing combination of movements and intensity. What makes CrossFit so affective is working out in groups, forming a community of support, competition and fun. CrossFit is for ANY committed individual regardless of experience, age, or current fitness level.  Although our programs do not change, every workout has the ability to be scaled (personalized) through load and intensity.

Our goal at CrossFit Palestine

Paving the way to lifetime fitness.