CrossFit has opened up so many opportunities in my life! I originally started because my mom opened up the local box and I had just moved home, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to start something new. I was very reluctant to start because I wasn’t comfortable working out with complete strangers and had no idea of what CrossFit was and no idea of the CF “lingo” or “workout moves”. The second I walked through the door at CrossFit Palestine I have felt nothing but genuine kindness, compassion, patience and care from the coaches and throughout the community at CFP. These “strangers” quickly become my support system and some of my closest friends. Through CrossFit, I’ve learned what a carb, protein, and fat is; I’ve learned that you really are what you eat, and it does affect the way you workout, sleep, and think. I’ve learned that you will fail time and time again and that’s okay, but I’ve also learned that you will succeed time and time again, and when you do, you have countless people there to cheer with you and encourage you to push your limits! CrossFit challenges me everyday (especially in this Texas heat) to set goals to work towards and pushes me to not give up until they are achieved.

So why do I do CrossFit?

This is why. CrossFit is more than “slinging weights”, it’s therapy. It has made me smarter, fitter and more outgoing in my day to day life. It has completely changed my lifestyle from eating Chester’s hot fries at least once a week, to eating fruit, almond butter and apples for a snack on a day to day basis. It helps hold me accountable to the lifestyle I know is going to keep me fit and ready, as well as, realizing that it’s okay to have some chocolate or some sweets every now and then.

So, my question to you is, why not do CrossFit?? It would be like saying no to an all inclusive paid vacation to Disney… you just don’t say no to something this good, and life changing.

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