I got involved in sports at a young age. I did gymnastics and played softball as a small child. Once I started athletics in junior high into high school I wanted to give all sports a try. I have a background in volleyball basketball, softball, golf, and track. But my main passion was cheerleading in high school. After high school I played in adult softball leagues and did some running, but never really “worked out”. I was introduced to Beachbody and loved it, but eventually had lost all motivation to do on my own. My family and I moved to West Texas for my husband’s job. I signed up at a ‘local’ globo gym, but felt out of place and just ended up running on the treadmill all the time. I got tired of paying a membership to run, so I cancelled it and just started running outdoors.

Having recently moved out west, I found myself at dinner with new friends one night, and to one of those new friends my first question was “how do you get your arms to look like that?”. She proceeded in telling me about her fitness journey and this “new” program called CrossFit. She asked if I’d like to try out a class with her the next day. So, the next day I met her at Basin CrossFit in Midland. At this time, it was a little space that held about 10-15 people. I walked in and was immediately intimidated, but was determined to try it out (I wanted those arms). Owner/Coach Jarret Jones walked up to me and introduced himself, as well as, introduced me to the class which helped put me at ease. Everyone was extremely nice and I loved meeting all the new people! Coach Jarret had us move against the wall to do wall squat stretches. Well, the class was full and the only spot left on the wall for me was right up against a life size poster of Jarret (he was an MMA fighter). That definitely broke the ice for me and we all had a great laugh. He scaled all the movements to my level and had me use a kettlebell. I have been consistent in my fitness journey from that moment in 2012. I have 3 children and I am in the best shape of my life, exercise keeps me healthy and sane. I love the way I feel after a workout, but what I really LOVE most is the community I get to hang out with daily. I made amazing friends in West Texas at the CrossFit box. However, I ended up moving back to Palestine and continued doing “CrossFit” but with my brother Reggie Coker in the back of his business. One of my best friends worked for Dr. Brandy whom had showed interested in doing CrossFit. So, we hooked up and started training together and in a very short time she partnered with another couple to open CrossFit Palestine for the community.

Again, the community I get to work with every day brings me great joy! I not only get to do what I love as my job, stay fit and healthy, but I do it with like minded people whom I now consider the best of friends…… FAMILY!

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