My love for fitness started early. Being from a small town and small school, everyone was involved in all activities. I played most sports in school and have always been very competitive. It’s just in my nature! My parents always pushed my sisters and me to be our best in everything we do. This taught me discipline and determination. This love of fitness followed me to college where I studied and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology and Fitness Management. Although I was studying fitness, life caught up, and I was not staying active or involved in any fitness activity. Fast forward a few years, a few babies, marriage and there were lots of uncomfortable pounds. Being at the absolute heaviest I’ve ever been, I decided it was time for a change. I started running; I’ve always loved to run, but wasn’t doing anything too over the top. I only ran when it was convenient, or should I say when I wasn’t completely exhausted from raising babies. My husband and I finally said that we were going to join a gym and start going every day. It holds you more accountable if you have to pay for it, right?! So we joined Anytime Fitness, and we did great for the first several months. We would run and use some of the weight machines. And then we fell right back to the same lifestyle of only going a few days a week, and when we did go, it was just running or jumping from machine to machine with no real goal in mind. This wasn’t doing anything but wasting money for about a year and a half. My husband called me one day and said, “I think we might try something new.” He drives around a lot for his job, and he saw the signs for a new gym opening up in town, CrossFit Palestine. He stopped in and talked to Britni and got some information. I had heard of CrossFit but had not ever tried it. I honestly thought it was too hard for me, and I have never had any upper body strength; I was never the chin-up champ in gym class! Now, with all these extra pounds on me, I didn’t feel like I would belong. Well, he talked me into it, and we decided to try it together. I fell in love with it on day one! I knew this was something I could stick to. It was unlike any other fitness class I’d ever taken or any gym I’d ever been to. Class was already programmed when we arrived and all the equipment was there! The coaching staff was so welcoming, and the community that I now consider family is so supportive! Three, almost four, years later and I’m still going strong! With the help of CrossFit Palestine, RP diet, and our close knit group of people I can honestly say I’m the fittest I’ve ever been. I joined the coaching staff almost a year ago, and that has made a huge impact in my fitness journey because now I get to help others! I get to help people achieve their fitness goals and celebrate them doing something they thought they would never do! We all share similar goals, to be a better us! I want to be fit and healthy to keep up with my kids, niece, and nephews, and family. Fitness and health is a lifestyle change that I am forever grateful I pursued! My fitness journey is still being written, and I hope to continue it for many years to come!!

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