Of course opening a business is never as easy as signing on the dotted lines and ‘poof’ it appears. The Pontello’s and the Watson’s worked diligintly to pave the way so that we could share our desire and love for fitness with the community we also love. We share a vision for our community and our family and have from the beginning which is to help communities be healthier, to help everyday people participate in a ‘family’ that promotes wellness and prevention from disease. Our goal was and still is to keep you active and fit in all circumstance, expected and unexpected. We would jokingly say our goal was to allow you to be playing catch and running with your grandchildren one day in the park. (and the older the four of us get, the more we realize the importance of this goal).

We have been blessed to have Britni stepping up and in as General Manger and running the day to day workings of the business. We have also been blessed with dedicated coaches who show up because of this community. They also have a love for fitness and a story to tell, and we will be hearing from them in the days to come.

As for our members, they are our spotlight today (and we will also be hearing from them in days to come). Their determination to show up and work hard blows our minds daily. The accomplishments and growth we have watched in these members is amazing. From not knowing what a kettlebell is, to being able to preform a snatch, push press, or thruster in the same day. From dreading running in a workout, to buying new shoes in anticipation of the next ‘mile’ day. We have seen ladies in their 80’s move from the ground to standing without a grumble or complaint (and without calling for help). We have seen teams come together and compete and make podium at almost every event. Also, we have watched these coaches and members inspire each other in other ways of life, such as their Faith, their diets, and their social lives. That’s what this family is about. We have been through illness, surgeries, job changes, new houses, new babies, losses, and currently a pandemic together, and STRONGER for it all, and for that we are so grateful! Thank you!

As mentioned, we are writing to tell ‘Our Story’, so stay tuned for more from your local, small town community fitness group.

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