You see, I was never an athletic individual. I always participated in sports, but that was just it, participated. I enjoyed running the most, and this was most likely because no one else was depending on me for their score or to do well. It was just me and the pavement. Well, after I was introduced to another form of exercise other than running, I found myself wanting more. This also was a form of exercise/activity that was not about anyone else and their success. It was and is me vs. me. I developed a love – hate relationship with fitness. I could not wait to see what the next day’s workout would be, all the while, dreading what it COULD be. I continued to train with Britni and Reggie in the shop (both way out of my league, so I thought, but with a determination to share their love for fitness).

At the same time, I was working as a physician locally in Internal Medicine. You see, the hallmark of this profession is diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. These are mostly diseases that have a path that can be altered by lifestyle changes. However, almost none of us physicians have been able to successfully direct these lifestyle changes for our patients. As bad as we want to, we cannot MAKE patients change. This was a hard reality to face in my profession. When you dedicate your life to helping patients fight disease, but find out in the end you have very little control over this can be frustrating. I had also reached a point that I myself was diagnosed with high cholesterol and finding it hard to make lifestyle changes. I knew I needed to change, but could not. However, the more I invested into my health and fitness, the more I was willing to change and seek ways to change (diet, exercise, stress management). Also, during this time, I realized change was and is brought on by motivation and accountability. We will not change if we are not motivated AND have a process in place for holding us accountable. It was the above realization, coupled with Britni’s (pictured above) love and desire to train that propelled the next step in my story. You see, when you fall in love, you want everyone to know about it. You cannot keep it quiet and it is all you talk about. Well, this was me with my new found fitness and lifestyle change. I not only wanted to talk about it but I wanted to share the experience. I wanted the community I lived in to also get to experience this love. Therefore, the birth of a new fitness business in Palestine.

To be continued ……….

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