I remember my first impression of CrossFit. Hard, elite, big city hype, expensive, not for me. Those were a few words that came to mind. See, I am raised a small town, simple girl. My exercise at the time I heard of CrossFit was mostly running for pleasure 3-4 times per week with a group of friends. I was happy with this and I didn’t really know anything different. A friend had come from out of town and heard I was ‘running’ for exercise and challenged me to do a ‘CrossFit’ workout with him that involved running. (which is probably the only way I would have agreed). So, he wrote out a silly little work out that involved 100 m sprints with air squats and burpees, and said we will do this for the ‘usual’ 3 miles you run. We will use your usual path and add in a few movements every 100 meters. Of course, I agreed to the challenge, but only after he demonstrated a burpee. He was also quick to let me know he did not like running, nor did most CrossFiters, but was willing to compromise. We did the work out, painfully, but did it. I was definitely challenged and intrigued (and nauseated). I will never forget the soreness that overcome my body in the days to follow. The ability to go to the restroom was way compromised and I dreaded even the thought for at least 3 days. However, I all the sudden became board with running and wanted more. So, this friend continued to program workouts for me to do at the local gym (not CrossFit, as we were small town and this did not exist locally). These work outs were different every day. Some days setups, some days we stepped up onto a platform over and over, some days I jumped rope (which was the 1st time since grade school) and some days I even picked up a barbell which was a foreign concept to me. This friend soon left to go back to his big city CrossFit and I was propelled to continue the concept, AND wanted to tell and show everyone else around me about the methods and concept that were slowly changing my life. So of course, I talked about CrossFit all the time, I am sure my coworkers and family were so over the discussion, but one of my coworkers shared with me that she knew someone who recently moved from West Texas and was ‘big into CrossFit’ and actually was working out in a ‘home/office’ gym. She gave me her number and we connected. She agreed to train with me at her location. (And later this is what I have come to love: the CrossFit community at large is giving, eager to share and loves helping others). So, I started this journey of learning more and wanting more for my body, my mind and realizing I COULD do this hard thing, and that it is not just for the ‘city folk’, that it is hard and it IS for me!!!

To be continued…..

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