‘My name is Bumper Clayton. I am 41 years old, married and the proud papa of my 4 legged son Charley, (K-9). I joined the CrossFit Palestine family a week after the box opened in September. I had previously been a member of other local gyms but could never motivate myself to accomplish a steady routine. My fault, I claim it. I work in Emergency Services, a job that can be extremely physically demanding at times. I had really let my self go down in that department and knew I needed to get in better shape for everyones’ safety and my own personal health. Also my fault, claim that too. Once I heard about a CrossFit Box opening in town I decided I would stop in and get some info. Britni, the owners and coaches could not have done a better job at making me comfortable and puting me at ease about the things to come in learning the movements of crossfit. I went from a sedentary lifestyle with every excuse of why I wasn’t going to do any physical activity, to finding my escape from the stresses of everyday life being my time at the box. I really enjoy my morning dose of time working out with my 5:15 peeps. I don’t think they know how much I depend on them. Coach Reggie is a great trainer and leads us everyday to achieving goals and personal bests at the box. Even when we have the “don’t want to’s”, or something is hurting, he finds a way to get us on track and can modify workouts to accommodate an injury or two. I am coming around to the nutrition side of things through education here at the box and I am down 32 lbs with some goals set for the 1 year mark in September. It has been a blessing to find the people and the program that works for me. The most satisfying, (although sometimes painful), feeling of my day is that walk from the door of the box to my vehicle, having just finished our workout and knowing because of the proper motivation, I got up and did it! And now I claim that too!’

“I used to love to Run, but after getting bit by a dog and being down for 3 months. I wanted to get back to running. It just wasn’t the same. I tried going to the gym by myself and I couldn’t find the motivation to continue. Then I seen we had a CrossFit box opening. So I went to a couple Free Community workouts and was hooked. Now what I didn’t tell you is that I have always had a bad back since I was a teenager. It would scare most people that just see CrossFit on the other end, but I took it as a challenge. It was the Best Decision I Ever Made! I went from almost having back surgery to lifting weights and conditioning on a daily. (Not girly weights either) The strength I’ve built, the friendships I’ve made that keep me motivated and the coaches are great in every way. Now I love to CrossFit Palestine CrossFit!”

Member Success at CrossFit Palestine


Great coaching staff and great place to work out! I have never been comfortable working out in any gym, but the folks at this box make everyone feel welcome, no matter what level of fitness you are in.

-Les Johnson

It’s my place, they are my people! Not only have I gained friends but I’m stronger then I’ve ever been (even when I was “young”) and healthier thanks to the guidance and coaching of everyone at CFP! I feel lost when I have to miss a day and my day is complete when I get to workout with my 0800 WOD Squad! I highly recommend giving it a try… you may actually like it!

-Kylie Thomas

This is my home away from home! CFP has changed me mentally and physically. They aren’t just friends but family. The coaches are top notch and go above and beyond to help you reach your fitness goals! They have something for everyone!!

-Holly Studdard

CrossFit Palestine is my happy place, my stress free place, it’s ME time!! I’ve never really had any type of strength, but I’ve always been able to run! CrossFit showed me I can have both and it has shown me that you are capable of way more than you think!! The 5:15 am class is my crew, but the friendships built throughout the whole box are amazing! The coaching staff is very knowledgeable and always encouraging everyone! Come out and try it, you will love it!

-Jaclyn Taylor

Age and fitness level does not matter!! The coaches are very well trained and know exactly how to modify any movement that you may not be able to perform, due to any limitation you may think you have! The support system from everyone throughout the box is phenomenal. If your curious about CrossFit, schedule a no sweat intro or come to any FREE community workout held every Saturday!! New friends are always welcome at CrossFit Palestine! You’ll soon see why we call each other family!!

-Michelle Johnson

Awesome CrossFit Community! I was traveling through the area and they welcomed me in. It’s one of the many things I love about this fitness program. It is all about people helping each other gain confidence, strength and a healthy way to live and have a great time while you do it! Thanks CrossFit Palestine.

-Kerry Aguirre